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Chocolate lovers delight

Chocolate lovers delight

Full size box of Milk Tray. Assortment of Cadbury luxury milk chocolates and is one of Cadburys most long running brands. It's a lovely gift for anyone that loves the taste of milk chocolate but it's especially popular for giving to ladies on Mother's day or when telling someone that you love them. This partly comes from the Milk Tray Man advertising campaign that spanned more than 30 years until 2003. A James Bond style Milk Tray man, dressed mysteriously all in black, would go through extraordinary lengths to deliver a box of Milk tray to a woman. There were 19 adverts and 6 different actors between 1967 and 2000 but the tag line was always the same - "All because the lady loves milk tray". Milk Tray chocolate contain minimum 14% milk. Milk chocolate contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter. Suitable for vegetarians.

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